Wotofo Recurve RDA

150.00 DHS 135.00 DHS


  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Height: 35mm
  • Net Weight: 45g
  • Gross Weight: 135g

In the Box

  • Wotofo Recurve RDA
  • Spare 810 drip tip
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • User manual
  • Three comp wire coils
  • Japanese cotton
  • Extra screws & O-rings
Wotofo Recurve RDA

The Recurve is a 24mm diameter atomizer, but don’t be fooled by the size it’s still a flavor chasing RDA.

Wotofo and Mike Vapes decided to make a thick top cap, which not only gives it a premium weight but acts as a heat insulator and prevents the top cap from getting too hot.

The Recurve comes with two 810 drip tips, one colored resin and the other a dark tinted plastic.

Both the drip tips and the top cap of the RDA have svelte curved bodies, which at first I thought would look a little strange on an overly square box mod, but it’s a look that soon grows on you.

The curved half-pipe style postless build deck is also pleasing to the eye, but there’s far more than just looks to the nature of this design. It’s incredibly easy to build one, and the airflow is exquisite – more on this later.

The Recurve features a top cap locking mechanism. Once you set the top cap on the RDA, a quarter turn clockwise lines up the notches and locks onto the build deck.

Once the top cap is locked onto the base, turning fully in the other direction will unscrew the whole RDA from the device. It’s a smooth and easy process and one that I really welcome on RDAs.

Wotofo Recurve RDA


The Recurve is an odd RDA in many respects; it bucks the trend of extremely low profile flavor RDAs like the miniature Wasp Nanos or Hadalys.

Instead, it sits tall, proud and unashamed of its ample body. I’m not sure whether those curves genuinely help with airflow and flavor or whether they’re just there for aesthetics.

Either way, it’s well implemented and gives the Recurve a unique yet still simplistic styling.

The curved nature of the drip tips definitely serves a purpose, and that one is of comfort. They are without a doubt the most comfortable 810 drip tips to come with an RDA. I also love the fact that Wotofo includes two, the resin one to add some flair or the more tinted one for the sleek look.

If there’s one thing I’m not a fan of on the Recurve, it’s the branding. It’s not obtrusive like other RDAs logos. But it’s quite a large engraving on the body, which just seems to collect dust and dirt. This is made even more apparent on the black version that we have.

Though I do welcome it’s subtleness, as Wotofo keep most of the branding on the base of the RDA.

There’s also plenty of color options available; the Recurve comes in Black, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal, Blue, Gold, and Rainbow – all with different colored resin drip tips.

Wotofo Recurve RDA

Build Quality

I can’t think if a single atomizer that doesn’t have good build quality from Wotofo.

The Recurve is no exception and is perhaps even a step further. The build deck is immaculate, and the finish and weight of the top cap scream premium.

The threading of the 510 it is perfectly smooth, and the 810 drip tips and 510 drip tip adapter all fit snuggly into the top cap.

Wotofo Recurve RDA


This is a tricky one as I wouldn’t necessarily say there is anything innovative in its own right on the Recurve RDA.

We have seen postless decks like this before, and the same style airflow. Yet it’s the way that Wotofo implemented them and tied it all together with the inner domed chamber of the top cap and concave exterior, which does make it a unique RDA.

There’s also a couple of nifty little accessories to help cut your coils correctly which are a nice touch.

Wotofo Recurve RDA

The Recurve has a postless deck which really is a 22mm build deck, but is still easily able to fit large coils of up to 4mm inner diameter.

It is has a pleasant sand-blasted finish to it and some extra Wotofo and Mike Vapes logos along the base.

As mentioned above Wotofo includes two very useful coil tools to help with measuring the length of your coil legs. They make it super simple to line up to ensure you cut the coil legs at the right point to give you optimum coil positioning, while also acting as a rod to help hold the coil in place while tightening.

The deck has 4 holes for your coil legs, so it doesn’t matter which way round you coil is wrapped and the deck comes with Philips screws installed and flat head screws as spares.

Unlike other decks of this style like the Kylin mini, the screws are lined up appropriately to the flat edge of your coil legs, so do not twist or turn your coil when tightening.

Building on the Recurve really couldn’t be easier; everything just falls into place. Just insert you coil legs into the holes, secure them with the screws, and that’s it, no fiddling with coil placement required.

It is quite simply an excellent build deck.

Wotofo Recurve RDA


The juice wells are not the largest for an RDA, and probably suggest that the Recurve is more tailored to squonking than it is dripping.

However, there’s plenty of room to easily tuck your wick into. I usually tend to cut my wicks inline with the base of the deck, but the Recurve is quite forgiving if you over or under wick it.

Wotofo Recurve RDA


The Recurve comes with the squonk pin already installed, and for a good reason. This RDA is definitely made for squonking.

There’s no reason you can’t drip with it, but that just doesn’t feel like what it was designed for.

The juice channel efficiently funnels juice evenly to both juice wells on either side of the RDA.

Even though the Recurve has side airflow, the angled airflow holes make it perfect for preventing leaking due to over-squonking, it’s really difficult to get it to leak.

I’ve never had any excess juice come out of the side airflow while squonking.

Wotofo Recurve RDA


Both the side walls of the build deck and the top cap feature a grid of air holes. There are 6 in total on each side in 2 rows of 3.

When the top cap is locked into place on the build deck all of the corresponding holes line up to give you the fully open setting. Turning the top cap will shut off two holes at a time on each side.

I do find it a little tricky to see when I’ve shut off one row when in dim light, but it’s not a significant issue.

With your coils perfectly positioned using Wotofo’s handy tools, the top of the coil will line up with the top row of air holes and the lower part with the bottom row. This means as the air comes in it’s guided to the best place to maximize flavor.

I am not sure if it’s down to the positioning of the airflow, or it’s grid-like formation, but the Recurve has some of the smoothest airflow I have encountered on an RDA. It’s not at all turbulent; there’s no whistling just perfectly smooth air.

It is, however, a slightly restricted direct to lung vape. It’s not going to match up to some of Mike Vapes previous RDAs that were all about the clouds – this is all about the flavor.

I think it performs best with all six holes open on each side, it has the perfect amount of restriction, not too airy and not too tight. If you close off two holes, it will become even more restricted, but it’s a little too much for me.

You can potentially use the Recurve as an MTL RDA with just two holes open, but I think you’ll be sacrificing flavor and there are probably far better RDAs suited to that task.


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